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the best training

Learn from industry experts.

Dive in on day one with hands-on training that transfers to real-world application to gain the confidence and skills you need to succeed. Taught by real lash industry experts with over 10+ years experience combined.

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Out lash your competition.

Create breathtakingly longer, thicker, fuller looking lashes with the new cutting-edge Highclass Lash Application System™ to give your clients that “wow” factor.

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A-Class Silk lash extensions.

Experience the Highclass Difference with premium eyelash extensions 100% handmade and handcrafted from the finest A-Class Silk. Exclusive first priority availability to Highclass Lashes® Certified Luxury Lash Artists™

the best support

Legendary marketing support.

Need help getting clients? Send an email to for help. Our professional marketing team is now your professional marketing team. Exclusively for Highclass Lashes® Certified Luxury Lash Artists™ only.
(Include photo of your certification in email for verification)

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Highclass Lashes® Certified

Luxury Lash Artist™

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Simone T.
Simone T.
Verified Student
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Definitely the most authentic and caring company. Puts their students and customers first which always results in top notch performances. Not only do they have knowledgeable instructors, but each student leaves with their own lash kit which provides everything they will need in order to do lash extensions. They are always open for constructive criticism & response quickly to any and ALL inquiries. Excellent all across the board.
Angie S.
Angie S.
Verified Student
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I like how professional it is. They responded fast and told me everything i wanted to know right away. very helpful. Highclass Lashes is professional but still fun and comfortable the class was very detailed and. I told all my friends that are into beauty about this. I took the full package they didn't only teach how to be a lash technician but also gave me the tools and knowledge to be a lash boss and start and run my own business. I would recommend Highclass Lashes for everyone.
Terria N.
Terria N.
Verified Student
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Best experience of my life. I felt good in class as well as I left the class. The instructors was very nice and kind. They help answer every questions we asked. Best place to be and go I recommended Highclass Lashes to attend for learning how to do lashes. Amazing.😊
 Shakira R.
Shakira R.
Verified Student
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This class was very helpful!! Everyone was super friendly. Both trainers made sure all questions were answered and made me feel very comfortable!! They were very detailed about the right way and wrong way things should be done. This course with Highclass lashes is very recommended!!!
Monica B.
Monica B.
Verified Student
Read More
It was great experience! The ladies that taught the class were very oriented, helpful, patient with us, and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend if you want to take this class, do it Highclass Lashes! Thank you guys so much. I feel confident enough to go on my own and start doing lashes for the ladies on just the first day. Once again thank you

Get Trained & Certified
At Highclass Lashes®

Choose between 1-day, 2-day or even 4
days of beginner’s classic lash training.

Beginner's 1 Day Accelerator

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Limited seats available & fill up fast.

Beginner's 2 Day Training

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Limited seats available & fill up fast.

Beginner's 4 Day Masterclass

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Limited seats available & fill up fast.


We have training locations all along the east cost in New Jersey.

To see the map of all training locations, click here.

• The exact address is sent out in training details email once a student enrolls. Due to a high volume of unexpected visitors coming to check out trainings, we no longer give out the exact address to un-registered students.

• To see driving distance, use the zip code provided above each red marker on the map. (Click red marker on map to reveal training location City, State, Zip Code.)

To see next available training Dates, select your Training and City here.

After you select your Training and City options, the Dates for that training will be shown below.

1-Day Accelerator if you are a quick learner and familiar with lash extensions and now looking to get professionally trained.

2-Day Training if you are completely new to lash extensions, but also looking for a budget-friendly training.

4-Day Masterclass if you would prefer having an additional two days to perfect your technique and reinforce everything you’ve just learned.

Regardless of which training you choose, each training comes with:
• Professional Student Lash Kit
• Referral and Training Manual
• Lash Activity Packets & Checklists
• Manual Instruction
• Mannequin Head practice
• Live-model practice
• And more!

Each day is 8 hours from 10AM – 6PM.

It is recommended to have a license before joining one of our trainings, although one is not required.

Should you not have a license, you must acknowledge to obtain a license before working professionally.

To work professionally, employers and/or clients will want and need to see both a certificate and a license (either a cosmetology or esthetician license*).

*Additional licenses (such as dental, medical, etc) may be permitted — please check with your state laws & regulations.

Under the guidance of Highclass Lashes® Educators, all students have successfully completed all certification requirements and earned their certification following their training.

To earn your certification and become a Highclass Lashes® Certified Luxury Lash Artist, you must:
• successfully complete all required training lessons & activities
• successfully follow all proper care, safety & sanitation protocols
• successfully demonstrate proper technique and skills
• successfully demonstrate proper use of products
• successfully complete your first full set of luxurious eyelash extensions from start to finish — beginning with a consolation and ending with proper aftercare.

We find students feel more comfortable & perform better practicing on someone they know.

Therefore we recommend each student bring their own model (a friend or relative).

If your friend or family member needs a little push, let them know they get a full set of lashes out of participating!

You have 3 payment options:

• Reserve your seat with a $350 deposit & pay remaining balance prior to training start date

• Pay half now / half later prior to training start date

• Pay in full

*All Deposits are $350

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