Eyelash Extension Training in New York City, NY

Find Eyelash Extension Trainings Near You in New York City, NY

Looking to get trained and certified in eyelash extensions? Highclass Lashes has eyelash extensions certification classes in New York City, NY that are perfect for beginners.

Get Certified Online or In-Person:

Get Trained & Certified in eyelash extension in New York City, NY with highclass Lashes®

Applying lash extensions is a skill that people don’t just come across, it is a skill that must be learned under the watchful eye and guiding hands of a qualified and licensed lash educator. The reason being that it requires care, patience, and training to apply lashes properly, safely and beautifully without injuring the eye. Finding places where to train to become a lash stylist is quite simple as that is required is to type in “lash extension trainings near me,” the problem, however, is finding a good high-quality training and certification program that will teach you everything you need to know about lashes from application to removal, performing clients consultations, advanced lash mapping and custom lash looks. Highclass Lashes highly recommends going to a lash training company that specializes in eyelash extensions and has a training & certification program.

Why Highclass Lashes® has The Best Eyelash Extension Trainings in New York City, NY

Highclass Lashes is a professional eyelash extension training company and maintain a high standard of quality so as to be the preferred company for beauty professionals looking to learn lash extensions. As such, it fields only the most experience lash educators. These include experts who are currently working in spas, lash lounges, salons and the likes who are also constantly improving their craft. Apart from what has already listed, they also offer several benefits for those who enroll to train with them. For instance, students receive; lash kits with supplies for class and to practice at home, a lash manual replete with information on lash styling, an activity packet, and much more. You can earn your certification at the end of the classes which automatically proves to your employer and clients you have been professionally training and certified in eyelash extensions.

How do I register for eyelash extension classes in New York City, NY?

High Class Lashes offers two different training programs. There is the 2-day training and the 4-day training. On each day of these trainings, classes start at 10 am and run till 6 pm.

  • 2-day training: You will learn the basics and fundamentals of lash extension application and removal. You will first practice on a mannequin before moving onto working on your first live model under your lash educator’s guidance and instruction.
  • 4-day training: A more detailed class where students get to interact and converse on a deeper level with the educator. Because you have more time, your educator will be able to touch basis on volume and hybrid techniques and you will also be able to work on 2 more live models.

To register for class, you can visit HighclassLashes.com or click on any of the buttons on this page to be directed to the Beginner’s Classic Lash page. Once on that page, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the enrollment form. Select your training and nearest location to see available training dates. A class confirmation email will be sent to you detailing the address, parking, etc.

Get Professionally Trained with highclass lashes® and become a Certified lash artist

You may have come across many lash courses when you were researching and you know that they are plentiful and that it all can get overwhelming fast. You have probably pondered on this yourself, and have thought about whether you won’t be better off just watching videos on YouTube, learning via Instagram, or taking one of the several other options available to you. The thing about all these other options is that;

  • They will not award you a certification, at least not one as trustworthy as ours.
  • There won’t be an qualified and licensed lash educator to watch over your shoulder and guide your hand as you go through the process.
  • Lashing is a complicated craft that requires loads of patience and carefulness. There are several cases where clients were wounded in the eye by inexperienced and under-trained lash stylists. Using Highclass Lashes will help you avoid landing in such a situation as you would have been taught how to properly apply lash extensions.

In order to become a professional lash stylist, and one that your clients will trust well enough to have handle their lashes, you will need to learn from the best. Highclass Lashes is lash extension training company that specializes in eyelash extension and you can trust them to take you through the nitty-gritty of lash styling, such that you will deeply understand lashes and “get it” after completing a training program.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll for any of the two training options available and become a professional and certified lash stylist in no time!