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Looking to get trained and certified in eyelash extensions? Highclass Lashes has eyelash extensions certification classes in New Jersey that are perfect for beginners.

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Get Trained & Certified in eyelash extension in New Jersey with highclass Lashes®

Being a lash stylist is a very rewarding career. To become a certified lash stylist, you must undergo your training and earn your certification. Highclass Lashes highly recommends choosing a lash training company that specializes in eyelash extensions to get the best possible training available to you. Having a certification shows your employers and clients you have been professional trained and certified in eyelash extensions and are up-to-date with best practices, techniques and lash application.

Why Highclass Lashes® has The Best Eyelash Extension Trainings in New Jersey

High Class Lashes is a professional lash training company that trains aspiring lash stylists. If you want to become a professional lash stylist, one that is equipped with the lash industry’s best practices, latest tricks and techniques, and so on, then you should enroll at Highclass Lashes.

For one, their educators are not only experienced lash stylists who have worked in several capacities, but they are also great teachers who will break down what lash styling is such that you will understand everything from the basics to the more advanced topics. Then, there is the fact that when you enroll, you automatically qualify to receive a student lash kit (which contains supplies for class and to practice at home), a lash training manual (this is especially useful for when you start practicing on your own as you can use it to refresh your memory on some of the things you were taught), an activity packet, a mannequin to practice on, a supervised practice session on live models, and much more.

Also, they offer two programs for you to choose from.

The first program costs $849 and holds for two days. Here, you are taught the fundamentals of eyelash extension. It is an intensive hands-on training and with guided instruction.

The second program costs $1497 and runs for four days. It is more intensive than the first program and because you have more time, you can touch basis on volume and hybrid techniques and practice on 2 more live models compared to the 2-day training.

You can deposit $350 to reserve a seat and remaining balance prior to your training. Classes are held monthly on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm.

How do I enroll for eyelash extension classes in New Jersey?

You can enroll online on the official Highclass Lashes website. Any one of the links on this page will take you to the Beginner’s Classic Lash page where you can enroll. Once on the Beginner’s Classic Lash page, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there you will find the enrollment form. To see available dates, select your training and location to see corresponding availability. 

Get Professionally Trained with highclass lashes® and become a Certified lash artist

The beauty and fashion industry is a booming industry with sales rising now more than ever. While the major earner is still makeup, other parts of this industry are fast evolving. The eyelash extension industry is one such section of the beauty and fashion industry that is experiencing exponential growth and ever-increasing patronage. The propensity for lash extensions to transform women into more beautiful versions of themselves is the driving force behind the increasing patronage of this industry, which in turn drives its profitability. It is estimated that by the year 2023, the products selling part of this industry alone will be worth $1.5 billion globally. If products alone are worth that much, you could imagine what the services would worth.

Many people are training to become lash stylists because of the several opportunities that it offers them. The opportunities are so numerous that people are making the switch from other careers and professions to becoming lash stylists. People who make this switch give different reasons. The following summarizes perfectly why most people who make the switch do:

  • Some saw it as an opportunity to take on a new challenge and try their hands at something new. Something that will enable them to exhibit their artistic and creative side.
  • Some people who made the switch did so because they like that they are responsible for the joy and happiness their clients feel when they open their eyes and see how transformed they look after getting a lash extension.
  • Some people were also just tired of participating in the rat race that is synonymous with the corporate world. Lashing provided an alternative and it held a promise of excitement and fulfillment.
  • Some people also made the switch because they were not getting satisfaction from their jobs. And so, they decided to give lashing a go and see how it will feel.
  • Some people were looking to make extra income, and seeing as being a lash stylist affords them flexibility, it seemed like a good idea.

Regardless of the reason why lash stylists made a foray down this path, the majority of them find it satisfactory. According to the latest industry survey that was conducted in 2017, 80% of professional lash artists find their job satisfactory. This points to how exciting and rewarding career it is. By the way, that same survey found out that 75% of eyelash extension artists earn up to $50,000 every year.