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Looking to get trained and certified in eyelash extensions? Highclass Lashes has eyelash extensions certification classes in Pennsylvania that are perfect for beginners.

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Get Trained & Certified in eyelash extension in Pennsylvania with highclass Lashes®

If you are interested in becoming a Lash Artist and joining a rewarding industry, the first thing to do will be to enroll at professional training company, undergo training and become certified. Without certification, it is impossible to practice as a lash stylist, which is why it is very important that you enroll at a training company that can provide you with professional certification and learn from top lash educators.

A lash training company that is recommended for you to enroll at is Highclass Lashes. Undergoing training with Highclass Lashes offers you several benefits and perks that you wouldn’t get with other training schools. For instance, you get an option of two different classes depending on your budget; the 2-day class which costs $849, and the 4-day class which costs $1499.. The 2-day class is intensive and covers the fundamentals of applying lash extensions while the 4-day class is an even more intensive class and it covers everything there is to know about applying lash extensions. The main difference between the courses is you have more time with the 4-day training to go deeper into each subject and you get to work on 2 more live models.

Why Highclass Lashes® has The Best Eyelash Extension Trainings in Pennsylvania

Some of the other benefits that you get for signing up with Highclass Lashes are listed below:

  • You get a student lash kit and supplies with your enrollment. There are enough supplies in the kit to practice on mannequins and models for lash extension application.
  • You receive a lash training manual and an activity packet.
  • You get a mannequin for practicing what you learn during the course of the class.
  • You get the chance to practice on live models under the supervision of an instructor, etc.

Highclass Lashes holds their trainings every month on the weekends from 10 am to 6 pm. They have an eyelash extension certification training in Pennsylvania.

If your wish is to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that will set you up for success as a lash extension artist, enrolling with Highclass Lashes is the first step you should take.

How do enroll for eyelash extension classes in Pennsylvania?

All enrollments for classes must be done online on the Highclass Lashes website. On the Beginner’s Classic Lash page you will find the enrollment form when you scroll to the bottom of the page. When you select your training and location, you will see the available dates. After enrolling for class, you will receive a email confirmation with class details for your upcoming training. 

Get Professionally Trained with highclass lashes® and become a Certified lash artist

One of the fastest-growing subsections of the fashion and beauty industry at the moment is the eyelash extension subsection. It is growing so fast that the product used in it alone is expected to be worth $1.5 billion within the next five years. That is to say that the total worth of the eyelash extension industry is worth much more. Everything about the eyelash extension industry seems to say that it will continue to grow. Part of the reason for this booming growth is the fact that more and more people are interested in having longer, thicker, fuller looking lashes. As such, this industry is growing more and more lucrative each passing day. It is the trendiness of the industry, above all else, that cements its place as a lucrative part of the eyelash extension industry.

Being a lash stylist is a very rewarding and exciting career. Rewarding in that it is lucrative (as clients pay good money to have their eyelashes extended) and the market is large, and on the increase, all of which make it a profitable industry to practice in for years to come. In fact, in a recent study, which was a survey of the eyelash extension industry shows that 75% of lash stylists earn around $50,000 every year. This infographic also shows that 31% of lash stylists charge anything from $121 – $180 to apply a full set of lashes for their customers while 12% charge above this range. And this is not all, 70% of lash stylists are their own bosses, and they work on their own terms with 80% stating that they find their jobs satisfactory.

All of these points to just how lucrative and profitable the eyelash extension industry is. And as already mentioned, it is an ever-growing, ever-expanding industry which means that chances to earn and make profits in this industry are on the rise. Also, it is a fun industry to be in, this is evidenced by the 80% that say that they find their professions satisfactory.

From the above, you can tell that the eyelash extension industry is a wholesome and fulfilling industry. Apart from the profit earning options that it provides, it represents an opportunity for you, the lash stylist, to touch a life and change it positively. People use makeup, get lash extensions, and other such things to make themselves look more beautiful and also to feel more confident about themselves and such. As a lash stylist, your job will be to help women become more beautiful, more confident versions of themselves. Applying lash extension is an art and craft on its own, which in essence, makes you an artist. Your lash styling career is just an opportunity for you to use your artistic skills to better people’s lives. It is an opportunity for you to make women look more beautiful for their special occasions and events. It is an opportunity for you to transform their mood and make them very happy and excited.

Several lash stylists say that the most rewarding part of their work, more than even the money they earn, is the happiness on their clients’ faces after applying their lashes. They say that the joy and radiance their clients emanate makes them feel fulfilled, more than anything else, and that this is why they look forward to their job each and every day.